Play | Grow | Be a Pro

BASILISK is always looking for talented, growth-minded humans to join our Mission Team.

Do you have exceptional skills or expertise that can further our mission of catalyzing the next Scientific Revolution? Reach out.

Contact with your resume and a description of how you can help. Links to previous work and portfolios encouraged.



Play is fundamental to human development. It supports cognitive development and teaches teamwork and community skills.

Spend time playing games, discussing favorite books, and solving puzzles with your colleagues.

We hold regular org-wide play dates and pizza parties. We believe the connections built through play increase the whole team's performance.


As a place to work, BASILISK is designed for the growth-minded. 

We do not expect you to already know everything when you join; that would be improbable. We do expect personal drive, intellectual flexibility, and respect for your colleagues.

BASILISK will challenge you and invest heavily in your professional and personal development. 

Internally, we run the BTP (BASILISK Training Program), a weekly classroom series covering topics like cognitive biases, applied statistics, and philosophy.

Staff members also pursue individual growth goals. We provide personal training and book budgets that have been used for learning everything from video editing to mindfulness meditation. 

It takes maturity and grit to seek out challenges, be wrong, and continuously improve.

If you require only straightforward assignments with answers in the back of the book, this is not the company for you.


Every member of BASILISK is a professional. From our esports players to our data scientists, we all approach work rigorously.

We respect one another. That includes making meetings on time, doing our own homework, and welcoming new points of view. 

We believe egos and drama create an artificial skill ceiling for a team. BASILISK has no patience for toxicity or poorly delivered feedback.

Besides, the cosmos is too big to be petty.

Basilisk is an equal-opportunity workplace.

We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, age, disability, marital status, gender identity, or citizenship. 

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